Wedding Anniversary

Whether you are buying a gift for your own wedding anniversary, or looking for a gift for the wedding anniversary of a friend or relative, it's important to remember the date, and to send the perfect gift.

There are a number of gifts that would be perfect for any anniversary, and you can see some suggestions below, or you will find that most anniversaries have a tradition associated with them. For example the first anniversary is the 'paper' anniversary.

To see ideas themed on your specific anniversary, choose from the list on the left. For more general ideas, read on:-

If it's someone else's anniversary, don't forget you're buying for a couple, so you should always choose something they can both enjoy. This could be food and drink, something for the garden, a trip together, or a movie that they both like. Check out our Gifts for Hobbies and Interests section for specific ideas.

Making it Special
If you can, choose a gift that means something within the relationship. A weekend away to their/your honeymoon destination, a film that both enjoy, or some equipment for a shared hobby.

For a particularly personal gift, why not buy a personalised gift? You can find a really good selection at Out of the Hat

Funnies - Be Careful Here!
There's a time and a place for a funny gift. If you can't laugh in your relationship then there's something wrong, but a supposedly romantic event isn't necessarily the right time to give a humorous gift, either for friends, or for a partner. Pick your time and place carefully, and it'll add to the overall effect of your thoughtful gift - get it wrong and you'll spend the year regretting it!

Stay Away From....
NEVER buy something which one partner will enjoy but which will annoy the other. For example, if one is crazy about golf but the other thinks it's a good walk spoiled, don't buy them a golfing weekend! It may sound obvious, but you need to think of something they/you can both enjoy together.

Gifts suitable for all anniversaries:
  • personalised gifts - based on their wedding day, the location at which they were married, their names, photos of them, or indeed any aspect of their lives
  • an experience to share together - click on this link to go to a site specialising in different experiences, from trips on the Orient Express to flying lessons
  • Anniversary balloons make a fun gift, and come in a big box!
  • A meal at a favourite restaurant is always appreciated!

Or try one of these:-