80th birthday gift ideas

For many 80 year olds, their family is the most important thing to them, so this can be the basis for an original birthday gift. How about a photo of the whole family, or a montage of photos in a special frame? Or you could arrange for a professional photographer to take a family portrait - it's sure to be valued. Personalised gifts involving family photos are thoughtful gifts, and you can be sure of giving something unique. Would they appreciate a jigsaw of a special photo? Or a cushion?

If you have the time to spend, put together an album of special photos, either of their lives, or of the family. Or perhaps a digital photo frame loaded with family photos. If you're feeling very creative, how about creating a 'This is your life' event. Gather together photos and souvenirs, and design a powerpoint presentation including photos, recordings, and even film footage if you can find some. You'll need a room, a laptop and a projector. Invite all the family and friends, and try and track down some special people from the past to make it a really special event.

You may wish to take a holiday, or have a meal or a day out as a family to celebrate the birthday. Make sure the younger members of the family don't exhaust the older members!

These ideas would make special birthday gifts.