70th birthday gift ideas

You will need to use your knowledge of the person you are buying for, as some 70 year olds are much younger than others. Some may really appreciate gadgets to make life easier around the home, or things to make them more comfortable. My grandmother's favourite gift at 70 was a heated foot warmer, as she had poor circulation, but not everyone would be so thrilled with such a gift!

At 70, most people are spending most of their time on hobbies or pastimes they enjoy, and this could inspire gift ideas. Would they like a game? A puzzle book? A DVD, or a piece of equipment or clothing for one of their hobbies? How about a subscription to a magazine? Or the Radio Times?

If none of these seem right, you can't go wrong with some champagne, flowers, or good bottles of wine. Or why not put together a hamper of treats?

How about some of these?