70th Anniversary Gifts - Platinum

It may seem obvious, but if a couple have been together for 70 years, they will no longer be in the first flush of youth, so ensure your plans don't tire them out. It may be better to have a number of smaller celebrations spread out during the month, or even the year. However, if the couple are fit and well , how about the trip of a lifetime to the country with 80% of the world's platinum reserves - South Africa. If you don't fancy the flight, why not cruise there?

An obvious gift for the special couple is platinum jewellery - there is plenty of choice. For other options, consider champagne, flowers, a big photo of the whole family or a balloon bouquet in a big box.

There is a good choice of white china with platinum details. A pair of mugs, or perhaps a pair of cups and saucers, with matching small plates, could be packaged with some tea and biscuits, or scones and jam, to make a thoughtful 'afternoon tea' gift.

If you're throwing a party, you can use silver balloons and accessories.

Consider some of these ideas for a gift for a platinum anniversary:-