60th birthday gift ideas

Finding an unusual present for a 60 year old can often be quite a challenge, as sometimes it can feel as though many people of this age already have everything. The answer to this is to be creative and come up with something unique and special - a personalised gift.

There are several different ways of personalising a gift:-
  • Personalise by date - this can be great for special birthdays (and anniversaries) as you can use the date relevant to the celebration
  • Personalise by location - create a special gift around a place which is personally important to the recipient. This could be their home, the church in which they were married, or the home ground of their favourite sporting team.
  • Personalise with a photo - gift ideas from photos offer a wide range of personalisation options. The trick here is to find the right photo, such as a wedding photo, playing sport, or a favourite pet.
  • Personalise by name - this offers a wide range of products with that personal touch, which will be particularly appreciated by people with unusual names
  • If none of those appeal, we've found some totally unique gift ideas!

Take a look at some of these.