50th Anniversary Gifts - Gold

The Golden Wedding Anniversary immediately evokes thoughts of Gold, but of course there are plenty more options than that.

We gave a pair of miniature roses called 'Gold Coin' at a recent Golden Anniversary, and something for the garden tends to be very well received, so why not take a look at plants on a golden theme - follow the link and put gold in the search box for anything from golden roses to a golden delicious apple tree.

A golden wedding anniversary is a great excuse for a party. Have lots of balloons around - they help to break the ice between relatives who haven't seen each other for years (we have used them to great effect in the past, entertaining everyone from 2 to 102!).

If you're feeling imaginative, put together 50 small gold parcels. These can be either small gifts or gold items such as gold-wrapped sweets, golden photo frames, gold-coloured drawing pins, etc. The content is actually less important that the effort you've put in.

On a Budget
50 yellow flowers or bulbs - daffodils are perfect for a spring anniversary

Take a look at some of these gifts on a gold theme...