4th Anniversary Gifts - Fruit & Flowers

The obvious and traditional gifts for this anniversary are lovely things to receive. A bouquet of flowers or a basket of fruit will always be appreciated. However if you would like to be a little bit different, try these ideas:-

  • For an endless supply of flowers or fruit, buy a fruit tree or bush for the garden - click on the link, then search on 'flowering cherry', 'apple', 'passion flower', etc, to find something that takes your fancy!
  • For a very romantic gift, why not name a rose after your partner
  • Or if the way to their heart is through their stomach, why not make them their favourite fruit pie or desser?

On a Budget

Apple - "You're the apple of my eye"

Pear - "We make a perfect pair"

Grow a red rose in your garden

Any of these would make lovely gifts:-