40th birthday gift ideas

40th birthdays are a good opportunity to spoil someone, with a spa treatment, a meal out or a weekend away. Alternatively, convince them they are still young with an adventurous activity experience or a travel opportunity. How about something which recalls their youth, such as a CD with hits from the decade in which they were a teenager.

For people with children, an offer to babysit or look after the children for a weekend could be the most appreciated gift.

Gifts relating to hobbies and interests are always a good idea. See if you can relate them to the number 40, such as 40 bulbs for a gardener, 40 tennis balls for a tennis player, or 40 paints for an artist.

Other variations on the 40 theme could be a 40 year old bottle of whisky, 40 flowers or chocolates, or 40 candles.

How about these ideas for 40th birthday presents.