25th Anniversary Gifts - Silver

Silver's fairly obvious from a jewellery point of view, but it's surprising how many different silver products there are out there. Check out the engraved silver gifts at Out of the Hat Ltd for a variety of personalised silver gifts

If you're looking for something a bit different, collect 25 little presents and wrap them in silver wrapping paper - they don't need to be expensive: it's fun to select 25 silver coloured item such as silver candles, paperclips or even a roll of silver foil!

Have you considered learning how to work silver and making each other a ring? Now that would be unique!

Or visit somewhere with 'Silver' or 'Argent' in the name - any atlas will give you a long list of suggestions, from Argentina to Silverdale, New Zealand...

On a Budget
Silver sixpence in a cake decorated with silver decorations
How about a pair of silver napkin rings and some napkins

Here's a lovely selection of silver themed gifts suitable for a silver wedding