10th Anniversary Gifts - Tin

Cornwall was a major tin-producing area - why not take a romantic holiday there, and visit a tin mine?

Or put together a hamper of tinned goods - not baked beans, but biscuits, smoked oysters, cakes, beer, toffee. Some spirits and wine come in tin gift boxes. Spend a little time in the supermarket looking - you could be surprised at the range of goods available.

Find an attractive cake or biscuit tin and fill it with favourite treats.

Try gift shops for unusual canned items - we've seen all kinds of tinned cuddly toys and even tinned underwear!

Or choose from these unusual gifts, packaged in a luxury metal gift tin

On a Budget
A tin of sardines - "Let's play sardines"
A tin of treacle - "I'm stuck on you"

Here are some more gifts packaged in tins:-