100th birthday gift ideas

Not many people reach 100 years old. Those that do receive a telegram from the Queen. It's difficult to find a gift to match up to that. However 100 is a great number, and you've a good chance of finding something which combines the number and one of their interests. For example, if they like jazz, you could find a 100 Jazz Greats CD, or if they have a passion for cars, look out for a 100 Years of Motoring DVD and similar. Why not use the box on the right to search Amazon for something suitable.

If this draws a blank, concentrate on the celebration aspect of the occasion, and send flowers, champagne, a cake, a balloon (helium balloons seem to be quite a novelty with many older people), or some wine. If they can cope with a weekend away, celebrate at a hotel, and really spoil them. Make sure they receive plenty of cards.

How about these ideas.